The Fencing Materials Calculator, also called the Material Purchasing Worksheet, in the YardGard Select™ Planning and Purchasing Guide [PDF], guides you on selecting the right amount of product to complete your decorative steel fence.

  • Using the Fence Layout Guide in the YardGard Select™ Planning and Purchasing Guide [PDF]:
    Enter Total Linear Feet:
    Post Hardware Kit:
    Determine the number of Post Hardware Kits required.
    Number of Corner Posts (CP):
    Number of End Posts (EP):
    Number of Gate Posts (GP):

    Fence Framework (328801A)
    provides 24' of Framework
    Post Hardware Kit (328812A)
    provides all the necessary fittings for a Corner, End, or Gate Post
    Tension Wire (328816A)
    provides 200' of Tension Wire
    Fence Panels (328803A)
    provides 24' of Fence Panels
    Auto Close Gate (328802A)
    provides 1 walk gate with all the necessary hardware
    * Three posts are included in each Fence Framework Carton.
    Count the number of posts to confirm if you have enough posts to complete the job.
    Additional posts are sold seperately. See additional items on the Additional Hardware page.